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reTHINK Emerging Infections
There's a better way to address even more potent infectious agents than the current HIV/AIDS and swine flu epidemics. Dr. Louria shows how societally connected systems thinking can anticipate and prevent severe worldwide epidemics.

reTHINK Aging
Life spans of 110 to 120 years are now on the horizon. Yet no one wants to think about what increased life expectancy means for their families, the environment and society-at-large. Dr. Louria offers some provocative ideas and recommendations on the race to develop anti-aging drugs.
reTHINK Oily Fish
For years we’ve been told to eat oily fish and its omega-3 fatty acids for a healthier life. But no one considers the ramifications of this public health recommendation on fisheries, ocean ecology or even global malnutrition. Dr. Louria presents new ideas on a standard health recommendation.
reTHINK Diabetes
By 2050, an estimated 40 - 50 million Americans will have type 2 diabetes. Losing weight is difficult enough, but it is made much worse by the booming corn-to-ethanol industry. Dr. Louria argues for the complete abandonment of corn-to-ethanol subsidies.
reTHINK Idle Minds
Over the last 50 years, standard approaches to drug abuse have failed. Dr. Louria, the former president of the New York State Council on Drug Addiction, says these approaches will continue to fail unless there’s a significant commitment to engage idle minds. He also believes suspicionless drug testing of students and pay-to-play are horrible ideas.
reTHINK The Space Race
American military dominance in outer space sounds good, but Dr. Louria’s systems diagram shows the likely downside: a space arms race, more Iraq and Afghanistan type wars, increased terrorism and nuclear weapons proliferation and greater pessimism about the future.
reTHINK Healthcare Costs
Medicare is a huge healthcare success on course to become a financial disaster. Dr. Louria believes all the proposals thus far for saving Medicare are Band-Aids that will fail. He offers a new and innovative approach: pre-pay Medicare.