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Hardcover: 200 pages
Publisher: Lou Wat Publishing
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0615307213
ISBN-13:  978-0-615-30721-3

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Advance praise for reTHINK

“In this elegant book, Dr. Louria uses [systems thinking] not to predict the future but to help us anticipate it and thereby take steps to avoid its looming disasters.”

- Daniel D. Federman, MD, Harvard Medical School

“Whether presenting a look into the consequences of increasing longevity or questioning the value of commonly performed medical tests, reTHINK engagingly debunks conventional wisdom.”

- Philip B. Mead, MD, professor and chair emeritus, University of Vermont College of Medicine

“Dr. Louria demonstrates a way to resolve some of the more intractable problems facing America and the world today.”

- Leon G. Smith, MD, past chairman, Department of Medicine, St. Michael’s Medical Center, Newark, NJ

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