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About Donald Louria, MD, MACP

Donald Louria, MDDonald Louria is one of the country’s most influential and provocative public health experts. That’s because as chairman of the Department of Preventive Medicine and Community Health at New Jersey Medical School for more than 30 years and president of the New York State Council on Drug Addiction, he has been at the forefront of some of the most pressing societal issues and diseases. From drug abuse, to infectious diseases and the global ramifications of an aging population, Dr. Louria’s contributions to public health policy have been far reaching.

He produced a seminal book on the drug experience and peeled away misconceptions about the three biggest drugs of the 1960s: LSD, heroin and marijuana. A futurist who understands that long-term solutions to complex problems are neither easy nor quick, he spearheaded programs for the detection and prevention of lead poisoning in Newark and conducted extensive studies that figured out how heavily exposed women avoid infection with HIV. And he’s never shied away from controversy. The physician has called mandatory drug testing of high school athletes unethical, and when scientists and Federal agencies condoned the irradiation of food to decrease spoilage and illness, Dr. Louria countered that “zapping the food supply” created more problems than it solved.

Widely published in medical journals, Dr. Louria is the author of six books including the bestselling The Drug Scene. He is a graduate of Harvard University, Harvard Medical School and trained at New York Hospital, the National Institutes of Health and Cornell University Medical College. Dr. Louria resides in Bernardsville, N.J. with his wife of 55 years, Barbara Louria, and has three children and eight grandchildren.